Family History Packages

'Just a Taste'                    
$40 per hour - An hour's work to find out what you need to know, when you're on a tight budget. 

'The Organiser'                    

$210 - 6 hour package - Collecting and organising the family records you already have into family tree charts, up to 4 generations back, including all children including BDM (Birth/Death/Marriage) dates and locations as supplied, Where there are fewer family members the details about each person can be increased with anecdotes and family events.

'The Organiser Plus'                 
$350 - 10 hour package - Collecting and organising the family records you already have into family tree charts, including all children including BDM (Birth/Death/Marriage) dates and locations as supplied,  

'The Seeker'

$35 per hour, purchased in 4 hour blocks.  This allows you to 'Pay As You Go' for my services in searching genealogical databases, cemetery records, electoral rolls, censuses, newspapers, public records, archives etc on your behalf for family members. Where there are access fees, certificate and image costs these will be paid where required and invoiced to you as required.  

'The Seeker Plus'

$35 per hour in 4 hour blocks, plus travel costs - from my office, where more detailed research in state and national archives is required. 

'The Lot'

By negotiation - I will work with you to to put together a family history to your requirements. This can be in a variety of forms including books, booklets, photo books and audiovisual presentations. It may be that you have the information and need assistance to organise it for a family reunion or a special surprise for someone. I can negotiate how many hours this would require, and you can 'Pay As You Go.'

'Lost or Found'

Perhaps you just want to find out more details about someone in your family history, with some forensic sifting through records, or want to put together a personal story about someone special. I can look for the information that you need and write it in the style you need. The time needed will determine your costs.

General Research Package

If you have a specific project that requires the gathering of information - known or undiscovered - then the costs detailed above for 'The Organiser Plus' will apply. This information will be collated for you as required. If you want the information to be written up to a professional standard, then time specific to this will be charged at $50 per hour​, reflecting the higher level of expertise needed.


Consultancy projects will be negotiated with you or your organisation to the extent and budget required, and will attract the $50 per hour fee related to more complex work. In some cases work will be carried out at your premises, or off-site as required. A written agreement will be required for these projects.


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