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If you are looking to write the history of your school, whether it be for a Back-to-School or a significant milestone, PM Research Services are able to take on any or all of the tasks required to bring this project to completion.

Our services can include –

Searching the Public Record Office Victoria (which holds school records), and recording details and images. Further searches can be undertaken as required, including Regional Offices and local Historical Societies. In some cases District Inspector’s Reports are still to be found!

Sorting through your historical school records at your school, and recording important events for collation into the history.

Locating newspaper items from the early days of your school, transcribing and capturing images to build your story.

Further tasks can include transcribing of early Student Registers, finding details about your school from the 'Centenary of Victorian Education' in 1972, and interviews with students – past and present – for inclusion in the history.

Costs can be aligned with your needs - a small school job would include a discovery day at the school and the locality(plus travel where this is significant), up to a day researching elsewhere, and several days writing. More complex and larger projects would be negotiated with you. We know how tight school budgets are, and good PR through a professional storytelling about the school is vital.

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