• Providing a managerial perspective
  • Focussing on data interpretation
  • Experienced in personnel management
  • Providing precise recommendations

Relevant experience-

Assisting in recruitment and performance management programs in schools.

Overseeing $1M+ Annual School Budget

Overseeing OH&S requirements including Risk Identification and Resolution.

Delivering professional learning for teaching and non-teaching staff, most of this focussed on data-led improvement in student performance.

Coordinating School Reviews and the development of Strategic Plans and Annual Implementation Plans. 

Coordinating a Schools Cluster of 8 schools as chairperson, This position supported the development of shared projects and learning.

Providing mentoring to Collegiate School Principals' Group.



The answers you didn't know you needed, plus those you did!

Business and private Consulting




  • Finding and organising your family tree
  • Helping you become your family historian
  • Presenting your tree 
  • Solving brick walls in your own research​​

Recently -

Conducting extensive research leading to the compilation of family trees.

Locating a childhood family friend for a client from the 1970s who had changed occupations and States.

Finding gravestone photographs.

Transcribing details from a client's family history into a searchable genealogy computer program.

Providing family history workshops for community members in small towns, and overseeing the recording and publishing of oral histories for these communities.

Confirming birth, marriage and death dates for a client's extensive family tree.


  • Careful, accurate research for you
  • Confidential and discreet
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Professionally presented

Recently -

Co-authoring three local history books with print runs of 500, 1000 and 300 copies respectively.

Organising the digitisation and organisation of photographic images for the Shepparton Heritage Centre.

Helping a shopowner discover the previous tenants and owners of the heritage-listed building she occupies, for an historical display.

​Assisting with the relocation and organisation of historical documents and artefacts for a history-themed business.

Searching newspaper archives for photographs on behalf of clients, and processing images for use.

Identifying the history of a Melbourne CBD building and collating this information, as well as locating pertinent current documents relating to building regulations and statutory requirements.

Locating and viewing school files at the Public Records Office Victoria for school research. 

Confirming registration as a Search Agent for the National Archives Australia, Public Records Office Victoria, and membership of the Australian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents.